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You've heard many romantic descriptions of this place called Patagonia… the end of the world, a space without limits, the final frontier.

For me, Patagonia is a combination of all of these. Explore the magic of Patagonia and it will reveal itself as a land where time is forgotten. Life here is simple but intense. Stripped of complexity, Patagonia offers endless opportunities to enjoy the company of your fellow travelers and the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Patagonia is a region of one million square kilometers inhabited by only about two million people. It encompasses the southern-most reaches of both Argentina and Chile and includes incredibly diverse landscapes, from the towering Andes, to plains, rivers, coastlines and glaciers. There is plenty to explore in Patagonia!

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A town lying 20 miles along the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, surrounded by a National Park with mountains, refuges, glacier, rivers, lakes and a ski resort only 30 minutes away. With a population of 120.000 the city is constantly changing and evolving. This is Bariloche, a city and environment that never ceases to amaze for its diversity and possibilities throughout the year.

The Nahuel Huapi National Park dominates the area allowing us the privilege and freedom to enjoy outdoor activities in an environment protected by conservation.
Being easily accessible by both, road and air Bariloche, offers a great base with many accommodation and eating options.

A city with strong European culture due to its migration of foreigners in previous centuries has introduced Patagonians to other alpine activities. The founding of the club Andino Bariloche and the network of mountain refuges offers many possibilities in summer and winter.

Cerro Catedral is, among three other ski resorts in the area, offering an excellent excuse to visit in the winter time for a ski vacation. This also allows the opportunity for ski traverses in the surrounding valleys and mountains.

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Training and Courses

Mountain climbing, alpine rocks climbing and glaciers traverse are excellent offers for training in the different mountain disciplines!
These are some of the activities we have around, plus the excellent crew of professionals that can help you improve your skills and technique in the different terrain!!

Along the year, there is an opened calendar with different courses and "clinics", all of them with a subject that depends on the terrain and focus what we are looking for!




Trekking is a great way to connect with the natural environment. There is always more to discover, over the next ridge, the next viewpoint!



Reaching up, connected to the stone... is it an exercise or an instinct? There are many reasons to climb but the most important is... why not!



Something challenging or a good excuse to travel, maybe these are the options to bring us the motivation to achieve a new adventure in Patagonia!!



Bariloche and around has an excellent terrain for the ski touring. Many mountain huts spread around in the different valleys make special the place..