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Backcountry ski

Bariloche and around has an excellent terrain for the ski touring. Many mountain huts spread around in the different valleys make special the place. Also the volcanoes around offers different alternatives depend on the skills and the weather conditions.

Many of those trips becomes in a sort of  “tours” where we can enjoy different cultures and landscape ,always we will have the opportunity to delight in a hot spring while we wait for a dinner and a good Malbec!

Also we can help you whit the ski technique if you desire .Some kind of “clinic” of half or full day bring us the opportunity to dedicate some extra time training or skills!

While is summer time in the northern hemisphere, here you can take advantage of this winter condition. We always ask for some domain on off-piste conditions. Also we can help you with rent some gear for those tours.

We usually do a day and multi-day trips in Bariloche, and multi day’s trip on the Andes volcanoes!

Outputs extraordinary.

  • Off piste and touring ski in Catedral (half or full day)
  • Full day of ski touring in Bariloche surroundings
  • Ski at the border (full day)
  • Frey hut and surroundings (two or more days)
  • Ski at Bolson area (two or more days)
  • Ski in Cholila (three or more days)
  • Ski resort tour (seven days program)
  • Skiing at the Andes volcanoes (from four to ten days programs)
  • Skiing in Patagonia (ten days programs)

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You've heard many romantic descriptions of this place called Patagonia… the end of the world, a space without limits, the final frontier. For me, Patagonia is a combination of all of these.
Explore the magic of Patagonia and it will reveal itself as a land where time is forgotten.
Life here is simple but intense.


A town lying 20 miles along the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, surrounded by a National Park with mountains, refuges, glacier, rivers, lakes and a ski resort only 30 minutes away. With a population of 120.000 the city is constantly changing and evolving.
This is Bariloche, a city and environment that never ceases to amaze for its diversity and possibilities throughout the year.



Mountain climbing, alpine rocks climbing and glaciers traverse are excellent offers for training in the different mountain disciplines!



Trekking is a great way to connect with the natural environment. There is always more to discover, over the next ridge, the next viewpoint!



Reaching up, connected to the stone... is it an exercise or an instinct? There are many reasons to climb but the most important is... why not!



Something challenging or a good excuse to travel, maybe these are the options to bring us the motivation to achieve a new adventure in Patagonia!!