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Reaching up, connected to the stone… is it an exercise or an instinct?

There are many reasons to climb … why not? Try it, and you'll discover why the sport of climbing captivates people worldwide.

It challenges the mind and the body, asking us to redefine our boundaries and find the motivation we didn't know we had.

If you’re new to climbing, I offer half or full-day lessons in the beautiful mountains around Bariloche. I offer as well a three-day clinic for those wanting a complete introduction to climbing longer routes.

Also the area is well now by the classic "alpine" routes. We have the opportunity of enjoy the "trad" climbing in a multi-pitch routes, different options in between 4th and 6 th of French scale.

From daily departures to more than one day.

  • Half day sport climbing (Bariloche)
  • Full day sport climbing (Bariloche and around)
  • Full day multi-pitch climbing (Bariloche and around)
  • Alpine climbing at Frey hut (two or more days)

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You've heard many romantic descriptions of this place called Patagonia… the end of the world, a space without limits, the final frontier. For me, Patagonia is a combination of all of these.
Explore the magic of Patagonia and it will reveal itself as a land where time is forgotten.
Life here is simple but intense.


A town lying 20 miles along the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, surrounded by a National Park with mountains, refuges, glacier, rivers, lakes and a ski resort only 30 minutes away. With a population of 120.000 the city is constantly changing and evolving.
This is Bariloche, a city and environment that never ceases to amaze for its diversity and possibilities throughout the year.



Mountain climbing, alpine rocks climbing and glaciers traverse are excellent offers for training in the different mountain disciplines!



Trekking is a great way to connect with the natural environment. There is always more to discover, over the next ridge, the next viewpoint!



Something challenging or a good excuse to travel, maybe these are the options to bring us the motivation to achieve a new adventure in Patagonia!!



Bariloche and around has an excellent terrain for the ski touring. Many mountain huts spread around in the different valleys make special the place..