Outside Patagonia Your next adventure in Patagonia...


Trekking is a great way to connect with the natural environment. There is always more to discover, over the next ridge, the next viewpoint!



Reaching up, connected to the stone... is it an exercise or an instinct? There are many reasons to climb but the most important is... why not!



Something challenging or a good excuse to travel, maybe these are the options to bring us the motivation to achieve a new adventure in Patagonia!!



Bariloche and around has an excellent terrain for the ski touring. Many mountain huts spread around in the different valleys make special the place...



This site shows some of the many options in North Patagonia. Bariloche and its surroundings bring us the chance to enjoy every corner in the lake district.
Hiring a mountain guide gives us the chance to have a professional to teach us some techniques and knowledge as well as to have an anfitrión that will show the área and make us feel as wear at home.

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